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Naturopathic & Shamanic Services, Inc.
Divine Compassion & Love-Wisdom for all!
(918) 706-8171

744 Creamery Road, 744 Creamery Road
Richford, NY, 13835
United States of America

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Naturopathic & Shamanic Services, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-profit Religious Association DBA "The Naked Shaman". We both do and teach Matriarchal Cherokee Medicine, Tibetan pre-Hindu Shamanism, Tantra, Sexual Healing, how to live in balance with nature, how to build and use medicine wheels and matriarchal sweat lodges, and we help you with all of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical problems by teaching you how to heal yourself so that you can also heal others.
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Shaman, Kali, Mahakali, Puja, Pooja, Mahakala, Tantra, Apprenticeship, attunement, empowerment, initiation, education, training, naked, nude, spiritual, spirit, ghost, astral, chakra, sacred, sex,
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